behead - History

Every band has it's story. This is our shortened version!behead_old

Behead was formed in 1996, in Västervik, Sweden.
Performing live at many places, Behead was to be taken seriously and earned some well achieved respect for their music. Demos was recorded and a fanbase took form, but things wouldn't go easy....

The band faced a shattering at -98, leaving only Nicke and Isti left.
At 2001, still just mostly jamming, an old friend -Johan G- from former band Atrox joined in. The three-some had all been playing together in Atrox earlier, which is the foundation of Behead. Get it?


Anyway, the guys now wanted to restart Behead, making more of that music they once were creating. This is where Behead story part two starts.

As rehearsals went on, there was still no bass player in the band. Therefore, Nicke played the bass on the "Freedom" promo. Just after finishing recording, in dec-02, Bison joined the band, making the band-set complete!

The band's new setting had their "debut-gig" at Bryggaren, Västervik, in 2003. A half year later the band again went to the studio, recording a new six song promotion cd called "Struggle".
Getting new songs in the set list the band once again played live at Bryggaren, Västervik in oct-04, participating at a local music event.

In februari 2005 the band participated in Dimebag Memorial, at Belsepub, Gothenburg, together with Pantera coverband Plantera.

2005 arrow - right

After that gig Isti declares he'd like to focus on other things than music, so the band has to search for a new drummer.
Patrick Carlsson, former drummer in wellknown band Evergrey, joins Behead. Rehearsing the old material as well as making new, heavy songs, is the priority. No upcoming gigs are being booked.

Mnemic and M.A.N then wants to play in Västervik with Behead as opener....3 weeks to rehearse with new/old drummer...The gig is set at september 9 at Bryggaren, Västervik, where Behead have played a couple of times before.
Due to this gig the booking of the recordingstudio is delayed. The album, however, is planned to be recorded sometime during 2006-2007 at Impa Music, Västervik, where Behead has worked earlier. But due to circumstances out of the band's hands, every booking gets delayed...and as time goes on Patrick also reveals that he is gonna quit the band, but promising to record the drums for the album.
But good news is also followed by bad news. Bassplayer Brorson's move to Norrköping makes it hard for him to stay in the band, and a decision is made to let Nicke play the bass instead.

Contact was made with NLP Records, Nybro, Sweden, and finally a studio was being booked!!! This is where all music has been recorded, along with vocals. Produced by Behead and Per Johansson.

While studio work are in progress the band needs to find a skilful drummer, and meets up with Eivin Haugelidsäter in Gothenburg. As it turns out Eivin is the perfect man to take over Patrick's place in Behead. This is a very talented and determined drummer, with tons of energy in his playing!
Still the band has no bass player so it's decided Nicke will continue to play the bass along with vocals.
To be continued...

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